My Postcards for Swap [Update]

Hello fellows postcrosser,

There are some postcards from my beloved country INDONESIA. 😀

If you see note *not available* it means I dont have but I ever had and probably will have that postcard sooner . Please contact me by my email ( or just leave a comment if you are interested 🙂 terimakasih/ thank you 🙂

link : postage stamps of Indonesia

my email:

IG/ twitter/ postcrossing ID : @denissapp

postcrossing forum: denissa25

thank you for visiting my blog 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Postcards for Swap [Update]

  1. Hii denisa.. mau nanya dong. Heehe klo yang 3 baris terakhir itu dapet darimana postcard nya. Bagus! Aku lagi cari itu 😀 Thanks

  2. Hi kak denissa…
    salam dari kota pempek, baru banget nih di dunia per kartu posan, thanks ilmu yang udah di sharing.
    apakah masih bisa tukeran kartu pos sama yang di atas ga nih mnegingat itu update Des 2013 hehee
    salam kenal yaa kak

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