The ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way Makes It So Special

The ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way Makes It So Special

writing postcard

Emailing, texting, sending private message, direct message, twitting etc named electronic mail is fast becoming popular nowadays. Yes, People do it every time, everywhere with their Smartphone or tablet. We write many letters which is input by keyboard. These fonts, such us “Times new roman”, “comic sans”, “Tahoma” are becoming familiar.

Those familiar fonts make handwritten more special to me. That’s a reason why I like post crossing and also pen palling. Snail mail, It is like living in the times where internet didn’t exist. But I love it.  I can see their handwritten, their effort when choose some nice stamps and get a postcard, then going to post office and send it to me. Isn’t is brilliant to receive a postcard or heartfelt letter from far-away friend that you’ve never even met?

Maybe I only one of a bit people who still love penpalling. Some people say, “Don’t you have real friend?” “it waste your time, isn’t?”. I say It is my way to Show the world that Indonesia is still exist and Yes we do love our culture.  Other say It is really Old-Fashioned taking the time to connect with somebody, writing a long letter, swapping souvenirs to make each other happy, sticking some stamps and generally making an effort. I do love it and it’s my pleasure to do that. J

Honestly, I’m not good at English. Maybe quite bad..hehe..But I have an eager to improve my English skill ;). It is not weird, is? I have my own way. :D. We can find new vocabulary, new idioms, and of course… new friendship by penpal/postcossing. I’m being motivated to get a great job. Because you know, I should spend my money to buy some gifts or nice stamps/postcard. It wouldn’t burden me if I have get good job, would? Hahaha. Let me looking for a bunch of money first to get a job and then get many postcards. :p

Happy postcrossing^^


2 thoughts on “The ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way Makes It So Special

  1. You are very inspiring kak.. Your english is very good.. Salam kenal kak.. Aku juga suka postcardswap kak, dan suka banget beli di toko kakak, posnesia.. Oiya kak, mau tanya, sekarang prangko itu 10000 an ya kak? Kemaren aku ngirim postcard 32 total jadi 320000.. Kaget banget makanya.. Maklum baru anak sd, jadi nggak punya budget cukup, hehe.

    • halo, ahaha, belum.. ini masih belajar, iya salam kenal juga, makasih ya udah beli posnesia bikinan aku dan temanku,.
      prangko ke eropa 8rb, asia 7rb dan amerika 9ribu. mungkin petugasnya ngga mau pusing jadi ia bulatkan jadi 10rb. tapi sebenarnya ya seperti yg sdh aku bilang. 300rb an banyak banget., jangan lupa nabung :). aku sekarang lebih fokus penpal dibandingkan postcrossing, minim budget sih, ehhehe

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