Indonesia 2012; Philatelic Championship and Exhibition – My Story –

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Indonesia 2012 was my first philatelic exhibition that I ever come 😀

I attended the event twice. First on July 19th with my friend ‘Elisabeth’ and the second times on July 23rd with postcrossing friend ‘Egi’. It seems Indonesia and The Association of Philately had prepared everything well :).

I went from Bogor with train which bought me to Sudirman Station. And then, I got on the bus in front of station. Luckily no traffic jam. After 15 minutes from station I got off at Polda shelter. The distance between the highway and the exhibition area was quite far. It’s about 500 meters. We walked far enough but i didn’t feel that far because we were chatting along way.

At the entrance we was checked as usual. I saw kids corner in left and there was “stamp car” (it is Volkwagen car which is modified into stamp car) with Komodo mascot. I also found creative panel and the painting of Soeharto (The 2nd President of Indonesia) and Queen Elizabeth. It is special because made by thousands of Soeharto stamps and Elizabeth stamps. What a brilliant art! I want to make it too.

After had satisfied sees each panel, I got into the exhibition area. There were many booths which sell many Post items and coins from their country. There were Indonesian Handycraft booths too. In information center I got a free souvenir book called “Philatelic Passport”.

I walked around the exhibition area, I didn’t get any happiness until I found post Indonesia booth. I was seeing many stamps, and I just known that they have special stamp and also special postage stamp which is sell during the exhibition. But I couldn’t afford to buy all the special stamp because my limited money.. -_- Fortunately, Somebody gave me an antique  stamp when I was stampping my postcard. He is kind person, God bless you!:D

I visited German, South Korea, Thailand, Qatar, Bahrain ‘s Booth. I got stamp from them. And I also got Euro postcard from Thailand booth. It’s Only RP25,000 (about 2 euro) for 15 cards. I was sending postcards and some letters for my friends when I came to exhibition. My postcrossing friend, “mba indah” also give me 2 cute postcards  with London view. Thank you mba, i wanna hug you.. oooo… ^^

In second day I came to Exhibition, I watched “Angklung performance” (musical instrument from Indonesia) with “I have a dream-westlife song. I want to upload  into my post but wordpress dont let me. 😦

and this is some pictures i’ve got :). For you who are postcrosser!

Indonesian 2012 was a great exhibition!


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