Travelling Sheets to Italia

This is my first post about Travelling sheet. I read a thread about travelling sheet last month. It was Roberta who made the thread. She wants people from all over the world to send A5 sheet to her. And she will be very happy if there is Indonesian postcrosser participate too. So, I join it :D. I started drawing a picture about  Indonesia and also about Bogor; the city i live in. I wrote recipe, sticked some picture about Bogor too.. I’ve send 5 sheets. But my sheets not yet accepted by her.. dududuu., 😦


2 thoughts on “Travelling Sheets to Italia

    • woah.. :”>
      Dan itu travelling sheet belum sampe, sampe sekarang.. -_-. Ntar mau tulis ulang untuk di kirim, kasian udah nunggu lama 1,5 bulan.
      Kalau swap baru 8 bulan belakangan, Kalo snailmail/penpal juga karena ketidak sengajaan karena pernah minta bantuan tapi sampe sekarang masih kirim”an email+fb+merchand ke sana. hhehe

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