My Stadium/Football Postcards So Far

tw euro

Time flies so fast.. and now is December. The last month in a year, 2012. I have a lot of postcards from direct swap, official postcrossing friends, penpalling, postcrossing forum, postcrossing  etc. But I know those all isn’t as many as another “Postcard addict” has..:p I’m still think twice to swap/gain many postcards. As you know we need spend much money to buy many postcards and stamps :(. But FYI I always keep my promise to you my friends. 🙂

From hundreds of postcards; I like Stadium card the most (Beside map and art-postcard).  I have about 20 stadium/football postcards. Almost all about EURO. I have been collecting them since February 2012. My polish friends are very helpful. They help me by sending stadium postcards, official euro postcards, euro stamps, euro stickers etc. Other postcards come from Italia, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and Finland.

tw stdium

stadium stamps

Take a look my gallery

Yups, thats all my stadium postcards so far. How about your collection? I believe you have many pretty postcards on your box^^

Happy postcrossing!


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