Giant Salmon Fly Nymph – India


indian stamps


Official postcrossing postcard from India. This is Giant salmon Fly Nymph from Rocky Mountain.. I can’t say anything as the sender didn’t write anything on postcard :(. But thank you for sending beautiful stamps and nice postcard 🙂


Kartu Pos [India]

Saya dapatkan kartu pos ini lewat direct swap. Namanya Himansu, dia adalah calon dokter. Dia mengajak saya bertukar kartu pos dengan warisan budaya Indonesia yang diakui oleh UNESCO. Saya mengirimkannya 2 kartu pos sekaligus. Kartu pos dari Bali dan Komodo.

Ini kartu posnya 🙂

The Swaminarayan Akshar Dham Temple: the newly constructed beautiful temple is situated hear the bank of river Yamuna, is largest temple complex and one of the major landmark in Delhi. 

Received Postcards

I received postcards from these countries

thank you so much postcrosser!!! 🙂

1. Europe

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2. Asia

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3. Australia

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4. America

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If you don’t see your flag on this post it means I dont have postcard from your hometown. I’ll be glad if you want to exchange postcard with me. 🙂